Here it's simple; the sky, the mountains, and over 100 years of history.

You'll wish the days had more than 24 hours.

Takinomoto Kondoke
Welcome to Takinomoto Kondoke

Takinomoto Kondoke is a remarkable Japanese Inn. Experience living in a traditional Japanese farmhouse.

Built in Meiji 23 (1890), our inn is a gentle space that bears the marks of caring for many generations. It's the kind of place that truly gives you the feeling you've come home.

Entrance of Takinomoto Kondoke

Sprawl out on the tatami mats, go out into the fields and try the life of a farmer, or sample cuisine created with the best local ingredients and lots of heart.

Race of Takinomoto Kondoke

Experiences that bring you closer to local life and nature

We offer a menu of cultural and outdoor experiences.

cycling in the nature